St Veep and St Winnow Parish Council

Welcome to the St Veep & St Winnow Parish Website

Our website serves the parish of St Veep & St Winnow and has two main aims:

  • to allow parish council documents and information to be distributed and available for everyone to access
  • to engage you with the activities of your Parish Council and encourage your input and participation in Parish Council matters

The website is run by the parish council for the residents of St Veep & St Winnow and aims to offer a useful information resource for all. We hope you find the website easy to use and helps you to keep connected to the activities of your parish council.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions about how we might improve the website.

About our villages

St Veep and St Winnow Parish Councils are situated in South East Cornwall, they are of a rural nature, with the village of Lerryn being the main area of population for both parishes.

Lerryn is a vibrant village with a Primary School, Public House and a Village Shop, click here for more details of village activities. The tidal river Lerryn, flows through the Centre of the village and divides the two parishes. St Veep Parish is to the south of the river and takes in the rural hamlets of Cliff, St Veep and Penpol, while St Winnow is to the north taking in the hamlets of St Winnow, Respryn and Fairycross.

Cornwall Council is the authority responsible for providing services such as Planning, environmental and social care for the area, click here for further details on the services they provide.

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